QR Coding

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1. QR codes boost traffic to your website—if you’re using them the right way

When it comes to using QR codes at your place of business, there is definitely a right way and a wrong way to do things.

The right way, is to place them in a convenient location where people can take the time to scan them, visit the site they are directed to, and take the intended action. The wrong way, is to plaster them on any and all marketing materials, flyers, or promotional content without any clear goal of why you’re doing it.

While placement is important—the goal is really the deciding factor on whether or not you’re going to get results from using QR codes. When it comes to your website—the goal shouldn’t just be: drive more traffic, it should be: drive more traffic AND provide something valuable to my customers.

A lot of restaurants for example, put QR codes on their menus (that’s great placement!). But if all they’re doing is asking patrons to “Visit Our Website!” then they’re missing an opportunity to provide something valuable (like recipes, information about the source of their ingredients, or reviews of their most popular dishes).

2. QR codes can help you register people for your next event—if you give them a reason to

How many times has this happened to you? You see a flyer for an event, you think “Hey, that sounds like it will be fun,” and then you don’t think about it again until you see pictures online and realise you missed it.

Placing QR codes on your event flyers is a great way to make sure that doesn’t happen to your customers. Use a QR code to let people register for your event online or, if you’re not using online registration, use it to connect people with more information about the event.

Remember: a QR code alone isn’t going to get people to want to register. Make sure to provide enough content about the event (text and visual) on your flyers and give people an incentive to sign up.

3. QR codes get people to actually want to take your surveys and share their feedback

Fact: asking people to go online and take a survey after they leave your store is not an easy sell. Your customers are busy and while they may love your business and want to share their feedback, it’s unlikely they’re going to take the time to go online to take the survey after they’ve walked out the door.

With a QR code, you can give them a chance to participate in your survey while they’re waiting in line, seated at a table, or finishing up at the register. It’s much more convenient and it will generate better results for you.

Use a flyer to explain why you’re running the survey and how their feedback will be used. And remember, the biggest incentive for people to take your surveys is seeing their suggestions put into action.

4. QR codes help you turn new customers into email subscribers (and help you build your list!)

Whether you end up using QR codes or not—you should be providing a way for everyone who visits your store, restaurant, or office to sign up for your email newsletter.

For new customers, this is an opportunity for them to stay connected and learn more about your business. For you, it’s a way to continue your relationship after they walk out the door and improves the likelihood they will come back in the future.

5. QR codes get people to “like” and “follow” your business when you ask them to

Asking people to “like” you on Facebook or “follow” you on Twitter is a great idea, but are you making it easy for them to actually do it? I mean sure, some people will take the time to search for your business, but most will want a better way to do it.

Make it easier for them—provide a QR code that links directly to your Facebook and Twitter Pages.

6. QR codes can help you promote your local deal to the people who’ll love it the most

What better place to promote a local deal then right there in your place of business?  Using a QR code to connect people with your deal will improve your chances of turning them into repeat customers and get them talking about your business.

Finding a new business they love AND getting a great deal in the process—now that’s something people will tell their friends about.

7. QR codes will help you get more online reviews from people who actually know your business

You’ve probably  noticed that a lot of the benefits of QR codes are geared toward connecting with new customers.

But the fact is your loyal customers are loyal for a reason. They know you, they’ve done business with you in the past, and they’re probably already receiving your newsletter, reading your blog, and following you on social media.  So if you’re looking to boost your ratings online and get feedback from the people who know you best, they’re the people to target.

A QR code allows you to link directly to your business page on review sites like Yelp so you can ask  customers to log on and share their thoughts.